Volvos Long Term Commitment To The Environment

Volvo's Climate Plan

a cleaner future begins now

Volvo's Climate Plan

Volvo's climate plan is one of the most ambitious endeavors in the automotive industry. Our goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions per car by 40% by 2025. This is our first achievable step towards our long-term plan of becoming climate neutral by the year 2040. At Volvo, we know that electrification is not going to be enough to reduce our impact on the environment. That's why our climate plan goes beyond simply reducing tailpipe emissions through electrification alone. We will also reduce carbon emissions in our manufacturing network, broader operations, supply chain and through our recycling and reusing materials.

Think Again

The Swedish word "omtanke" means "caring" and "consideration", but the bigger meaning is "to think again". This word embodies Volvo's commitment as a brand that cares about other people and the world in which we live.

We are a human-centric car company who puts sustainability at the center of our business. It goes beyond our operations and our cars, and into our society. Omtanke is our guide every time we make decisions that affect the world and the lives of people in it. It's perfect the name for our program of sustainability commitments.

A Leader In Responsible Business

Volvo is proud to be a founding member of the UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative to establish universal sustainability principles in the automotive industry. We have been on a mission to observe the ten Principles of the Global Compact since the year 2000. This includes the adoption of a careful approach to environmental challenges. Volvo has also made a strong commitment to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals which guide our business approach.


Volvo is serious about maintaining our position as a responsible global tax citizen. We promote ethical and transparent business practices with full compliance with the OECD Transfer Pricing guidelines. We do not utilize legal entities for the sole purpose of tax planning. Volvo also reports and discloses our tax position in accordance with applicable regulations and requirements. This tax policy is approved by the Volvo Board of Directors.

Your Voice

At Volvo, we want you to be comfortable using your voice to raise questions or concerns about ethical issues or incidents of non-compliance. Our culture is one of openness, integrity and accountability. If you would like to report a violation of our Code of Conduct, we encourage you to submit a report.

ISO Certificates for Volvo Cars major global operations

World's Most Ethical Company

Volvo is honored to have been recognized as a 2019 World's Most Ethical Company ® by the Ethisphere Institute for the 3 rd consecutive year. Ethisphere Institute is a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices. This is in recognition of our comprehensive Compliance and Ethics Program which endeavors to ensure that our employees and our business partners conduct themselves responsibly and ethically. Volvo is fully committed to promoting a culture of Ethical Leadership.

Our Code Of Conduct

How we do something is just as important as what we do at Volvo Cars. Consideration for others is important to us. That is why we adhere to a strict code of conduct to ensure that we do business in an ethical and responsible manner.