Technology and Innovation

Technology And Innovation

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Innovation: What We Excel At

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Volvo is constantly evolving new technologies to keep you moving forward. Their focus for the coming years centers around electrification, safety, autonomous drive and connectivity.

Within the next 15 years, Volvo expects half of their annual sales volume globally to be fully electric. One-third of that volume will be fully autonomous vehicles and Volvo will maintain their world-wide leadership in vehicle safety. Crown Volvo Cars will be offering our clients the freedom to move in a individual, energy-sustainable and always safe way.

Safety: What We're Famous For

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Volvo cars are known everywhere for their extraordinary commitment to safety. Ever since the brand's start in 1927, protecting the people inside and around our cars has been our top priority and informs every step of the way we develop our vehicles. That commitment continues to grow stronger with each passing year.

The ultimate expression of that commitment is autonomous driving technology. By developing self- driving vehicles, Volvo will further advance traffic safety by eliminating human mistakes. Our goal is to create a future without accidents and traffic fatalities, in line with our safety vision.

Autonomous cars are not yet available. But many driver-assist technologies have already been incorporated into our vehicles; and we expect that in the next few years, autonomous Volvo cars will be on the road, bringing safety to new level. Further into the future, autonomy will totally revolutionize the way we travel.

Technology: What's Coming To Your Future

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Tomorrow's Volvo cars will be completely electric and completely connected. Reflecting the automotive industry as a whole, 100% battery-powered and zero-emission vehicles will increasingly take the place of hybrids. Volvo's first fully electric car, the XC40 Recharge, is already available and will be followed by an entire family of fully electric Volvos.

Inside the cabin, Volvo is taking their intuitive infotainment system to the next level.Powered by Android with the Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play built-in, the next generation of infotainment will introduce new ways to personalize settings and option and increase connectivity. Just like with your smartphone, you will have access to a suite of your favorite apps wile in your car, fitting your lifestyle even better.

You can already now access numerous connected services now with Volvo on Call, our connected car platform. Whether it's pre-cooling your car on a hot summer day or having your postal carrier deliver your latest online shopping package to your car, the Volvo on Call service center is there to help you, 24/7.

Volvo is also rethinking with your car really means just as people all over the world are rethinking traditional car ownership. Instead of buying and individually owning a vehicle, some drivers prefer to have temporary access to a car whenever they want it. Others want to subscribe to a car the way they already subscribe to music, films and smartphones, or share a car with friends. In coming years, Volvo will be expanding our business models, offering new ways for people to access a Volvo.

Partnerships: How We're Finding The Next Idea

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Volvo Cars believes a good idea can come from anywhere. That is why Volvo sponsors a number of ongoing projects that scour the world for the most innovative technologies and ideas that can shape the future of transport and mobility.

The main initiative is the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, founded in 2018. The Fund makes strategic investments and provides access to the global market for innovative ideas in the automotive and tech sectors.

Volvo also supports start-ups through the MobilityXlab based in Gothenburg, Sweden and DRIVE in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since 2017, Volvo Cars has been a leading partner in both efforts, which act as an accelerator for promising start-ups with pioneering ideas, providing access to valuable mentorship, competence and industry connections.


Volvo Cars is well known for their innovative products that have transformed the entire car industry. Every year Volvo receives unsolicited suggestions and ideas from all over the world. If you have an innovation or even just an idea for an innovation, Volvo wants to hear from you.