Volvo Hybrid Electric Models

A Cleaner Future Begins Now

The future is electric and Volvo is leading the way. As the first major premium car brand to commit to a hybrid or full-electric powertrain for all our models, our goal is to drive the automotive sector forward, improve the quality of the air in our cities and increase our success as a business through electric innovation.

50% of our sales volume to be fully electric by 2025 and we're committed to putting 1 million electrified cars on the road by that date. That's just the start, though.

Since 2019, every new Volvo car launched has an electric motor. This shows that we're committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products and improving the quality of our planet. It also shows that we're willing to take the lead to show all of our customers that we listen to them and their needs.

Continuing our commitment to electric, this year we're launching our first ever fully electric car: the XC40 Recharge. It represents a true milestone for Volvo Cars and is the first of a family of fully electric Volvos. Over the next five years, we will launch a fully electric car every year as we aim to make all-electric cars 50% of global sales by 2025, with the rest hybrids. Recharge will be the overarching name for all Volvos with a fully electric or plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Electric Alternatives

Our range of electric vehicles will only increase over the years and soon there will be an electric car for every lifestyle. The latest generation of Volvos has been designed from the outset for electrification and the choices will include fully electric cars and plug-in hybrid models, as well as new mild-hybrid models.

Our first fully electric car, the XC40 Recharge, was launched earlier this year and will be followed by a range of fully electric cars in the coming years. These cars will be Volvo models as well as high-performance models from Polestar, Volvo Cars' performance brand.

Plus, every model in our line-up is also available as a gasoline plug-in hybrid variant. Volvo Cars is the only car maker to offer a plug-in variant on every model in its line-up.

The mild hybrid configurations deliver a better everyday driving experience while reducing fuel consumption and emissions by up to 15%.

Taken together this means that, in the future, there will be no Volvo models without an electric motor. And to make sure we have plenty of batteries to power all those electrified Volvos, we have signed large supply deals with LG Chem and CATL, two of the world's leading lithium-ion battery makers.

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